Welcome to the world of the Élu. These are the Chosen who are, through no fault other than genetics, forced to die by their own hand on their 18th birthday.

Sometime after mankind began its migration out of Africa and landed in Europe, girls began to die of a mysterious illness. They soon realized that all girls born with a strawberry birthmark just below the right knee died soon after their eighteenth year.  The deaths were so horribly painful that a tradition developed where those girls were killed before the onset of the disease. As time passed, those girls became a treasure of society and were treated like royalty. 

As the 19th century arrived, nations tried treating the illness with modern medicines, but in the Democratic Republic of America, they refused to give up their long held traditions.

The Chosen is about the battle to join the rest of the world in abandoning this barbaric practice.  Follow Michelle Evans in her fight to live a full life with the boy she broke every law of society to love. It's been said that love conquers all. Can Michelle prove that old adage?  Will she escape her eighteenth birthday Confirmation when the law mandates she must die?

  If you like a novel that touches on the bizarre, mixes with Sci-fi, romance, and intrigue,
The Chosen is for you.
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     It hurt David to have Michelle speak to him with such venom. He apologetically said, “I’m sorry, you're right—I guess. I’ve never known one personally. I do know it’s not fair that they have to die before the illness takes them, even if it's for their own good.”
     “Life as an Élu is what it is,” she sullenly said.
David cautiously asked, “You think I could meet your sister, some day?”
     The Élu sat upright and replied more harshly than intended, “No. You can never meet her.”
      The reply stung David and he visibly shrank away, loosening his arms from around the girl he loved. Michelle saw the hurt in his eyes and it made her ache inside. She said, “I didn’t mean it to come out like that. This is just so complicated and I don’t have the energy to explain, today. Today, I just want to be with you.”