The Department of Élu Security is much like other government agencies, except they have one task, protecting their secret and the Élu, Because Élu are the nations most precious commodity, no expense is spared in their protection. Because their duties are so important, the  DÉS has the most governmental power.

If we were to compare the  DÉS to some counterpart from the past, it might be the German Gestapo. The  DÉS is easily recognizable by their white suits. White reflects everything that  is  Élu, because it represents purity.

People of the DRA often fear and mistrust the DÉS because of their ruthless reputation. Even though all laws apply equally to DÉS agents, reality might indicate otherwise. As long as they don't anger their director or powerful politicians, no rules apply in the course of their duties. The only thing that's taboo is sex with  Élu. Despite that taboo, the practice isn't uncommon. But if caught, death is the likely punishment.

The Director of the  DÉS is one of the most powerful people in the nation. Even powerful politicians tread carefully when dealing with the Director. That carefulness doesn't come because of constitutional power, but one of fear. Even powerful senators have died under mysterious circumstances when they pushed the DÉS too far.

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