The Democratic Republic of American is one of the last domains of the Élu. Even though this version of the American Republic is much like the rest of the world, they cling to a barbaric practice that's banned throughout most of the world.

Even though the DRA is connected to the Internet and believe themselves to be free and well informed, top government officials have kept a dark secret from citizens. Sometimes secrets are easy to keep when people subconciously reject the truth. This might seem far fetched to some people, but in the world of today there are countries where information is tightly controlled. Even in the real USA, people often look past the truth because the lie furthers their beliefs.

Michelle's story takes place in the District, formerly Washington, DC. Even though the city is much the same, and business little different from the past, it tries to remove the past by changing boundaries and names. Even though the United States didn't lose the Civil War, it didn't win, either. Because of that embarrassment, political leaders of the time decided it best to start an entirely new republic based on worshiping of the Élu.

DRA Flag

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