Élu are central to the DRA and it's existence. No one is quite sure how the french word Élu came to replace the English name Chosen. At one time, French was the most common language of the world, so it's likely, for that reason, the name became standard practice. Because the disease is much older, history would give the girls many names, most of which have been long forgotten.

The Élu trait is connected to DNA. The disease began to appear about the same time as blue eyes. Science later showed that the Élu gene is connected to the same one that causes blonde hair and blue eyes. In time, the blue-eyed gene was passed around the world.

Élu are sent to special schools. Until age 9, they are in basic education where they are taught English and math. They graduate to a school where the girls are brainwashed to accept their fate. Élu are severely punished for any deviation from the path set for the girls. Punishment can be anything from kneeling for hours, to public hanging.